Everyone's gotta love Canadians.
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I've been a busy little bee! But not really.

Just got back from seeing Tegan and Sara at the Tivoli. Gosh they are cool. They did some really great acoustic versions of their songs and OH MAN THE LIGHTS WERE SO PRETTY! It was like in the sims 2 nightlife how they have those gorgeous coloured rotating spotlights and oh.. you're too cool for sims 2. I see how it is. Well they were pretty, OK? And I know that the awesome lighting design shouldn't have been the focus of my evening but whatever. Tegan was uber talkative, Sara not so much. At one point people in the audience were getting over excited and yelling things out and Tegan got all "OK Calm Down! You're making Sara nervous! I can feel the nervous energy coming off her on stage!" or something to that effect, and after that people shut up :P So cute how they look out for each other. OH AND THE ACCENTS! Adorable. They tried to imitate the Aussie accent and all they could say was "NooooOOO" but they pulled it off very well.

It was sad that my friend Sarah didn't get to make it, but I'm pretty sure a bazillion youtube videos of the gig are going to pop up, and we were so far at the back that the youtube videos will probably be an improvement, so we'll just have to hook the computer up with a subwoofer and she can get a very near experience. I still had Dan and Erin with me for the gig so at least I had people to sing along/dance spastically with while I was there.

But yes... that's my evening so far. I don't really remember a whole lot about last week. We saw Kick Ass which is a fantastic movie that everyone needs to get their asses to a cinema and see, and I had a big ol' wogfest Saturday night and made some pizzas from scratch. Pretty tasty too. OH and Monday night. Jesus. I was still alone at my dad's house with a big bottle of vodka so essentially I got trashed and just sat in front of the TV with my computer and laughed my ass off at all the shows. Even Neighbours somehow becomes side-splittingly hilarious when drunk.

Holy fuck I wrote a lot! I could go on but the rest isn't that interesting and you're probably sick of reading already. well g'NIIIIIGHTTTT!

Four for you Glenn Coco, you go Glenn Coco!
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Wowzers, my weekend went so fast! Had a big 50% assignment due Friday which I'd been stressing about for weeks! It was so good to be able to finally cut loose on Saturday for Sarah's party. It's a shame more people didn't show up, but we still had fun. The stipper pole was a hit! Sunday was spent feeling rather seedy and having a Jay & Silent Bob marathon at my sister's house while her cat tried to suffocate me by sleeping on my neck. I would have just shoved him off, but he's so precious, and it reminded me off when Rusty was a puppy and would do the same thing. He's such a mamas boy...

Today was my recovery day and I was pretty chill until SOMEBODY pulled a Mean Girls on me and now one of my other friends is mad at me, but apparently I'm not supposed to know she's upset. Talking to her is going to be interesting! The last time she got mad at me she cut me off for a good 6 months, so I'm thinking I'd better just backtrack and do some groveling so as to avoid any more drama.

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So I just finished watching the very last episode of Battlestar Galactica and now I'm bawling like a frakkin' baby.

I really wish I hadn't teased Sarah so much about her crying about it now, and especially wish I hadn't teased her in front of Mary McDonnell herself.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Now you'll have to excuse me while I go and sob into my pillow and try and get some sleep.

cause I'm a nerd yeah yeeeah yeaaaahh
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I've been converted!

I am now a sanctuary and bsg fan. Just spent my entire friday night and saturday watching bsg miniseries and season 1.

should take a breather before I turn into a complete zombie, but its just too addictive!

So say we all!
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So over the past couple of days I've gone from not knowing who the heck Mary McDonnell is, to having nothing but respect and admiration for her. She is one cool lady!

Even though I've never watched Battlestar Gallactica, hearing her talk about her experiences on the show made me feel nostalgic for it. Sad, right?

Guess I'm just going to have to start watching so I can go around excitedly telling people to frak off.

So yeah... that's SUPANOVA! Block out all the anime and trekkies and you have yourself a pretty decent event.

OH and the wolf guy from New Moon was there. Not Taylor Lautner, the other one. Must say that he is much hotter in person, although I was somewhat crushed to discover he's married. </3

She bangs?
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- I can't not mention Ricky Martin outing himself today! I've got mixed opinions about it. One part of me is going "WELL DUH" another is thinking "Good on him for having the guts to be open about it" and the other part is thinking "Why is this even on the national news? Has journalism seriously stooped so low that they place announcing a celebrity's sexual preferences on the same level of significance as a girl being murdered?".

- In other unrelated news, We have a new Awesome Name of the Day: Christian Fuchs. His parents should be proud.

- I downloaded the Tegan and Sara Alligator remixes LP off iTunes today. I thought it would be cool, but after listening to them all, now I'm just fucking sick of that song. They're all fairly decent remixes, but SEVENTEEN versions of one song is way too many. IMO the best ones, and the only ones worth downloading are the Kevin St. Croix and Toro Y Moi remixes. Any more than that and you'll be ruining a great song for yourself, like I did.

Resistance is futile.
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I am so weak willed D:

First I'd boycotted staying at my Dad's house because his girlfriend keeps giving me shit, but then he called me up and was like 'come over!' and so I did.

Next my sister was like "COME PLAY BAND HERO" so I dusted off my bike thats been sitting in dads shed since the days of dinosaurs, and rode it up an insanely massive hill to get to her house. Band hero is quite fun though, I was pretty good at the drums and got far too excited when I unlocked So Yesterday by Hilary Duff.

and THEN I get a call from friends saying 'CHRISSY, COME GET DRUNK AND PLAY NINTENDO!" and of course I couldn't let them down.

And Sunday was my sort-of auntie's 50th birthday at her brother's restaurant, where she and my uncle spontaneously announced they'd gotten married that morning (pretty shit godparents for not inviting their own goddaughter to their wedding btw) making her my actual auntie. So of course there was a truckload of antipasto, pizza, pasta and cake. Too much fucking cake.

So just like that my entire weekend that was supposed to be devoted to developing my website thats due on Thursday evaporated. But hey, at least I had some fun.

Another plus was that I found an awesome Taylor Swift remix, which is essentially the good bits of her song, without the cringeworthy hillbilly banjo. You can download it here:
Taylor Swift - Love Story (Digital Dog Club Mix)

look out Betty Crocker!
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I would have made an awesome house wife, you know, back in the good ol' days:

Just look at that super sexy apple pie!

I'd just finished watching Pushing Daisies and was moping about there being no more episodes to watch, when I thought "What would Ned do? - STRESS BAKING!" and so now I have pie. Bit of a diet fail, but my cousins are visiting so I'll just hope they have good appetites.


As I type, the house phone is ringing but I'm not going to answer it. I know it's my sister because I've got 2 missed calls and a text message from her on my mobile bragging about her just buying band hero for her new Xbox 360, and I just can't bear to give her the satisfaction of gloating. She can't brag if she can't get a hold of me! Right?

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Day... something.

oh man. Taking super strong pain killers on an empty stomach will fuck you up. I was sitting around watching a movie and the next thing I know it feels like my insides are trying to claw their way out. Won't be trying that again any time soon.

Day 1.
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This challenge doesn't seem so hard. I might actually succeed!

Got my assignment submitted just in time. I feel sorry for the marker. I really tried, but coming up with an origial, non shit film idea is wayyyy harder than you'd think.


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